JYU HornetS Racing 5.8G FPV With Goggles & With 4K HD Camera GPS rc Quadcopter

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JYU Hornet S HornetS Racing

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JYU Hornet S HornetS Racing 5.8G FPV With Goggles & With 4K HD Camera GPS RC Quadcopter

  • Battery life:20 minutes

     Basic Version

     FPV Version

     Gimbal Version

     FPV Goggles Version 

                                                                                                          Hornet S 
    CategoryModuleSpecsSpecs Value
    Hornet S(Battery Charger)Voltage12.6V
    Rated Power20W
    WiFi RelayOperation Frequency2.4G
    Communication Distance1000m
    EIRPFCC: 27 dBm;   CE: 20 dBm
    GimbalControllable Range+20 — -90 degrees
    Angle Range0.05
    Operating CurrentStatic state: 100mA
    Input Voltage8V
    Accuracy+/- 0.05 degrees
    LensAspheric HD Optic Glass Lens /F2.8
    FOV  100°
    ISO Range50-3200
    Camera Resolution16 million pixels (4640x3480)
    Video Resolution





    Operating Temperature-10--50℃
    Picture Format JPEG
    Video Format MOV/MP4
    StorageTF(Micro_SD) Card 8G, 64G (MAX)
    Weight158g(included camera)
    Intelligent Flight BatteryCapacity2500mAh
    Battery TypeLiPo Battery
    Net Weight190g
    Operating Temperature0-40℃
    Max Charging Power50W
    Battery Life20mins
    Discharging Temperature0-40℃
    QuadcopterWeight (Including Battery And Propellers)550g
    Take Off Weight1kg
    Max Ascent Speed10m/s
    Max Descent Speed5m/s
    Max Speed 120km/s
    Max Altitude Above Sea Level4km
    Max Flight Time20-25 minutes
    Operating Temperature0-40℃
    GPS ModeGPS/GLONASS Dual Mode 
    Max Rotating Angular Velocity180 deg
    Hover Accuracy(Safety Fly Mode)1m
    Diagonal Size (Including Propellers)295mm
    Propeller Type6030
    Motor Specs2204
    Live ViewMobile App 
    EIRP100 mW
    Power Spectral Density6.9mW/MHz
    Operating Frenquency2.4GHz ISM
    Live View Quality480P @ 25fps
    Latency< 200ms
    Required Operating SystemsiOS 8.0 or later
    Android 4.1.2 or later
    Recommended Devices•iOS
    Camera(Suitable for Club Carema))SensorSONY IMX078
    LensHD optical glass aspheric lens/F2.8 /150°wide angle
    ISO Rangevideo:1600/400 Photo:400/200/100 
    Shutter SpeedAuto
    Image Max Size12.4M(4072 × 3044)
    Still Photography ModesAuto
    Video Recording Modes1920*1080P 24/25/30FPS
    1280*720P   50/60FPS
    640*480P 25/30FPS
    Supported File FormatsJPEG h.264 codec/MP4
    Supported SD Card TypesTF(Micro_SD): 8G - 32G
    Operating Temperature0-50℃
     FPV Specs                 Resolution              700 TVL
                       Angle                 120 degree
                   Live View Pattern        Simulation Live View
                    Live View Frequency                 5.8G
                       Display              4.3' LCD
                  FPV Glass(Opitonal)16/9 72 Virtual Display,480*240(Resolution)

    Size of quad(LxWxH):232x232x63mm
    Size of transmitter(LxWxH):155x131x127mm
    Size of gimbal(LxWxH):150x138x93mm
    Battery Life: 22 mins(for the basic version, because the gimbal is about 158g, the fly time is about 7~8mins.)
    Software:Hornet S Configuration Software

    * 120km/h high speed overflew the FERRARI racing supercar.
    Dual GPS auto positioning system, the accurate positioning location, perfect advanced follower. 
    * Intelligent battery could extend fly time for about 20 minutes, removable battery are easy for change.
    * Two antennas on the top of the transmitter to ensure a stable radio coverage.                               
    FPV Goggles in a wide angle to give you a visual impact.
    * 3-Axis Gimbal make shooting and taking video more stable.
    *Colorful led light to distinguish the direction of quadcopter and Flight mode,show the battery’s reminding.

    *Basic version:  The camera module and gimbal module can be added.The transmitter with bulit-in 5.8G receiver can connect to monitor,
      and connect to your phone through a profession APP.(The APP will release in September)

    *FPV version: Can support your own monitor.Do not have SD card and can not record video.

    *Gimbal version: Gimbal module in the gimbal version can be removed away,and camera  module can be added to create a racing FPV quadcopter. 
      Gimbal version comes with 5.8G Transmitter,can FPV,you just need to add a  monitor or connect to your phone.

    To set the quad's parameters and update firmware: please click: http://www.jyu.com/support/download/
    Package included:

    Basic Version:
    1 x Hornet S GPS Quadcopter
    1 x  Transmitter
    1 x  Battery
    FPV Version:
    1 x Hornet S GPS Quadcopter
    1 x FPV 700 TVL Camera
    1 x 4.3″ FPV LCD Screen 
    1 x  Transmitter
    1 x  Battery
    Camera  Gimbal  Version:
    1 x Hornet S GPS Quadcopter
    1 x 4K Camera
    1 x Brushless Gimbal 
    1 x 4.3″ FPV LCD Screen
    1 x Landing Gear 
    1 x  Transmitter
    1 x  Battery
    Goggles  Version:
    1 x Hornet S GPS Quadcopter
    1 x FPV 700 TVL Camera 
    1 x FPV Goggles
    1 x  Transmitter
    1 x  Battery

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JYU HornetS Racing 5.8G FPV With Goggles & With 4K HD Camera GPS rc Quadcopter

JYU Hornet S HornetS Racing

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