Best Hairstyles for Little Girls in 2018

Best Hairstyles for Little Girls in 2018

Your hair is known to reflect your personality and that stands true for little girls as well. When styling your little girls’ hair, you have to make sure that you choose something that’s not just trendy but also goes perfectly with her hair type and face shape. To start with, it is advised that you should stick to some of the simplest and pretty hairstyles rather than going for something that is too intricate and is not achieved to perfection.

There are many online resources where you can find some of the best girls haircuts and styles that can be achieved without much of a hassle. What’s even better is that they will really look cool and chic on your little princess.  To make the job easier for you, here we have listed some of the best hairstyles that you can give to your girl this year. Let’s take a look.

  1.       Top Knot

Top knot is quite common yet stylish and elegant. It really looks cute on beautiful little girls. For achieving the look, you have to comb her hair back to create a very tight ponytail. Make two sections of that ponytail and twist them down right to the tips. Now, hold these twisted hair in your hands and wrap around your hair tie working clockwise. Use bobby pins to secure the style tightly. The hairstyle works perfectly on girls with diamond and round face shapes.

  1.       Bow Bun

You don’t really need to give your little girls a complete makeover in order to make them look stylish and elegant. Rather a cool hairstyle as simple as a bow bun can help highlight their cute and stylish looks.

The hairstyle is achieved by gathering all their hair from top and creating a ponytail with the help of a hair tie. Next, you need to loop her hair through that elastic while making sure that you do not pull all of it through. Rather, loop the hair while leaving some loose ends and allowing them to fall over the forehead. Create two sections of the loop and gather their ends to fold them into that space between two halves and it will create a centre knot for the bow. Use elastic for securing loose ends behind. A puff can be created in the hair bow by simply pulling some hair strands and tugging them tightly in a gentle manner.

The hairstyle suits diamond, oval, and round face shapes. Your girl will look awesome if you style her hair in this style on a brunch or a picnic.

  1.       Flower Braided Updo

Braided hairstyles always look stylish and elegant and when it comes to flower braids there’s nothing that meets its charm. Different variations of the hairstyle are available but the main idea is the same that you have to wear the hair making them look like a beautiful flower.

You can achieve the look for your little girl by parting the hair and then nicely combing it for removing any kind of tangles. Now, pick a frontal section and divide the hair in three parts to create a typical Dutch braid. Braid it up till the eyebrow’s corner and after that turn the braid. Add hair from both the sides. Now scoop it from front of her face and keep braiding right from the top and go to the bottom like that. Gently pull out any remaining loose hair along the braid to make regular braid out of them and secure the look using a band. Finally, roll up and twist before securing the look with bobby pins. The hairstyle will look awesome on girls with round face shape.

  1.       Chignon Hair Bun

Another cute hairstyle for little girls, this one really gives them a polished and pretty look. Though the bun looks complicated, it can be achieved quite easily.

The hairstyle can be made by brushing the hair in a low ponytail. Next, use the fingers to create small opening right above that ponytail you’ve just created and loop her ponytail through the opening. Now pick the tail of the pony and loop through that same initial loop. Use bobby pins to secure the look and adorn the look with a flower or a bow. The look works perfectly for girls with oval faces.

  1.       Pigtail Braids

Pigtail braids make a really amazing braided hairstyle for the little girls. They are quite comfortable and look chic in this beautiful hairstyle.

In order to achieve the look, use tail comb for parting her hair from crown to nape. Use elastic to separately secure both the sections and the start braiding a side right where the elastic begins. Now plait till its end and then tie using elastic. The same steps should be repeated to braid the other side. The hairstyle works best for girls with heart-shaped and round faces.

So, just pick one of these beautiful hairstyles for your little girl and make her look adorable and stylish. In fact, you can find many more of them at MrKidsHaircuts and other similar resources. You are no short of options when it comes to giving your little girl an adorable hairstyle.

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