7 Makeup Looks That Are Going Out Of Style

7 Makeup Looks That Are Going Out Of Style

If you are a woman, you would relate to that fact that how important it is to stay updated with the contemporary makeup trends. No one wants to be tagged old-fashioned and no one wants to carry the looks that are out of vogue. Since I’m a makeup blogger, I essentially catch up all the news on the contemporary makeup trends. All of this information comes from fashion blogs, ramp shows, and YouTube makeup vloggers. Thanks to my Buckeye Cable Internet for providing me incredible speeds for my streaming tutorials and vblogs. Without the amenity of the internet, it won’t be possible for me to catch the current trends in makeup and beauty.

However, I am going to enlighten you about the trends that are going totally out of style. Read on to find makeup trends that are totally out of fashion.

  1. Thin Brows

We all are in love with Cara Delevingne’s perfect brows. Thick and lush brows are in vogue. Women are also trying feathery brows. Thin, plucked brows are completely out of fashion. Women are going for micro blading and other techniques to grow thicker brows. Every makeup brand has launched brow powders and pencils to fill up the gaps and make them look lush and fuller. Forget about thin brows and embrace the new trends!

  1. Old-fashioned Eyeliner

If you have managed to catch the recent ramp shows, you would have caught glimpses of some amazing art in eyeliners. Some instances are geometric liners, layered, stacked, ombre, negative space liners, neon liners, underliners, nude liners and so on. The razor-sharp, perfect winged liner is still in fashion but people are digging the new innovative styles of eyeliners. The sleek, straight black line on the lid is not anymore in vogue. Get hold of a flawless eyeliner and try these amazing styles.

  1. No Freckles

Gone are the days when people with freckles would put on layers of foundation and concealers to hide them. If you have freckles, consider yourself lucky and stop hiding them. Because freckles are actually in vogue! People are using brow powders and even henna to achieve a freckled skin. Adding a little glitter to the freckles is also a current trend.

  1. Stereotypical Lipstick Shades

There was a time when women would stick to some particular lipstick shades as their safest choices. Some instances are nudes, reds, and pinks. Not anymore! Women are now experimenting with bold and different shades, and are leaving behind the boring, regular shades. Some of the new additions in your lipstick stack could be violets, black, and blues. Say goodbye to your old stock!

  1. No Glitters

We all have witnessed the subtle and decent makeup looks and yes, we used to love them. But now is the time to add a little spark to your makeup. Glitters are in vogue and people are applying them on the lids, as eyeliners, on cheeks, on the lash lines, and even the whole face. Embrace this bling, add a little shine, and shimmer to your dull looks.

  1. Decent Eyeshades

Pop of color is so much in trend. You are not supposed to stick to nude and brown eyeshades and Smokey eyes essentially. Models are wearing some bright-hued shades on the ramps. Neon yellow, blues, pinks, and even greens. Get your hands on a nice eyeshadow palette with some bright, delicious shades and don’t be afraid to experiment.

  1. Subtle Glow

Subtle glow is not in anymore. With highly shimmery glow kits, bronzers, and highlighters in the market, shine is essentially added to the makeup regimens! The newest trend is the bright golden highlighter that many models and celebrities have applied on their cheekbones. The concept of subtle glow is gone! Check out Fenty Beauty’s gold highlighter, and ABH’s Amrezy highlighter for some perfect gold shine.

Fashion is changing every day. You try to follow one trend only to find out that another has already hit the ramps. Therefore, internet and TV are our go-to-resources to catch up on the latest trends in makeup and beauty. For all the beauty junkies out there, if you don’t have an internet and TV subscription, I suggest you dial Buckeye cable phone number and get a subscription. You don’t want to lag behind in the beauty game!

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