7 Amazing Handbags Every Women Must Have

7 Amazing Handbags Every Women Must Have

7 Amazing Handbags Every Women Must Have

A handbag is an integral part of the accessories carried by a woman when moving in the outdoors. You cannot imagine a lady without her handbag at a function or an event, not even in her workplace. This is because women need a lot of things besides their makeup tools to look attractive and feel confident. If you are not sure what bag you should carry with you to a particular occasion or when moving in the outdoors, here is a guide to help you in this regard:

1. Tote

Also sometimes referred to as a carry bag, this is a very common style of handbags used by women around the world.
This is a large sized bag much larger than a purse. Most women carry a tote when moving casually in the outdoors as they are confident that it can easily hold all their accessories inside it.
You can use a tote for any occasion from a trip to the shopping mall to the weekend vacation at the beach.


Price: $27.95

It comes with simple lines, precise suture, details in the interpretation of quality life.


It is also a large bag that is so called because it has no handles and a lady needs to clutch it while moving out. It is large enough to hold all makeup tools inside it.
Women love these clutches as they know they can stay fresh and look attractive with all their cosmetic products safely kept inside these bags.
Clutches are considered chic as they are strapless and small in size. They appear to be the life of the parties where ladies are present.
Just be warned that a clutch will only hold your entire essential and nothing more than that. Here is a clutch wallet offered by Raiti Kaniti:

2pcs Women Letter Embellishment Patchwork Multi Purposes Portable Shoulder Messenger Bag Clutch Wallet


Price: $35.76

This handbag is available in red, white, blue and black.

3. The Hobo

This is a kind of handbag that us held on the shoulders and looks more like a pouch in appearance. It has a crescent shape.
It classifies as an oversized purse that keeps your belongings safely. You can carry this handbag to all occasions and it is available in different sizes and colors in all price ranges.
It is a timeless handbag that is made by top designer labels, so there is no need to feel that you are carrying something cheap when you have a hobo across your shoulder.


4. Leather Handbags

Leather bags are considered the evergreen handbags for women especially for young women who are keen to experiment with their handbags now and then. These bags look very appealing to the eyes and it offers a wide range of collection.

Here is a shoulder leather bag named as Rivet thread letter detachable strap handbag shoulder messenger bag offered by Raiti Kaniti.
It comes with one main pocket, interior zipper pocket, one compartment, 1 upper zipper and credential pocket, and one smartphone pocket.
Raiti Kaniti is currently offering this shoulder messenger bag in multiple colors such as earthy, wine red and black. It provides you the necessary glamour with its leather slice, thread and rivet and in addition, its D shape offers you enough space to put your glasses, cosmetics, pocket wallet and smartphone etc.


5. The Satchel

This is a very stylish handbag that is extremely popular among young ladies. It is a durable handbag that is made from a canvas like fabric and has a characteristic shape and structure with lips and belts to keep the belongings safely inside it. Satchel often has a large strap to allow a woman to carry it over the shoulder and across her body.

6. Beach Bag

It is one of the things that you must never forget. Beach bags come in variety of designs, colors, sizes, textures and even materials.
There can be straw, bubble, plastic, synthetics, leather and many more. You should get a beach bag that is water and stain resistant.

7. Lady Color Block Zipper Portable Clutch Bag

If you need a fancy, stylish and colored handbag, this lady portable clutch bag offered by Raiti Kaniti. It is available in many different colors such as blue, pink, maroon and brown etc, providing you the flexibility to match it with your outfit color.


Bottom Line: Synchronize it with Your Outfit

It sometimes becomes a daunting task for women. To ease it out, women just need to find one common element between their outfit and accessories.
One can match the color or theme of your outfit with your accessories and wear it. Similarly, other elements such as texture, weight and size can also be considered important elements contributing towards your clothing and accessory synchronization.


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