Bags and Accessories for Women

Bags and Accessories for Women

Bags and Accessories for Women

Wearing nice clothes and footwear is not enough for a woman. They need to accessorize their look and make sure that they look their best.
For this, clothing and footwear is just not enough. Women need to carry appropriate accessories and bags to complement and complete their look.
Jewellery, head accessories, belts, hats, bags etc. are all important components of a woman’s look. They help her define her personality and taste in fashion.
Accessories and bags and how they are paired with attire and carried are what help a woman stand out of the crowd.
Dresses and shoes can be the same, and even the accessories but what distinguishes a fashion savvy woman from a not-so-fashion-savvy one,
is how she has glammed up her look according to the occasion.


Different occasions call for different types of bags. It all depends on your ability to carry them and make an appropriate pairing.
If it is a formal event which requires you to wear a formal attire like a gown or evening dress, you will carry a small bag like a clutch or wristlet.
This is to ensure that the attention is not taken away from your dress and you appear elegant and poised.
If you are going to work or college, you need to carry a bag that can contain your files, laptops, books and other essentials.
In this case, a satchel or an oversized handbag is an ideal option. For casual hangouts or shopping trips, you can carry a smart, medium sized handbag or even an envelope clutch.


Different events and occasions demand different accessories and designs.
You cannot wear formal and heavily ornamented jewellery to work and neither can you wear plain ear hoops or chokers to a formal event.
Your accessories will always depend firstly, on the occasion and secondly, on the look you will be carrying.
So accessorize yourself accordingly.

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