5 Best Hairstyles For Men To Adore This Year

5 Best Hairstyles For Men To Adore This Year

Styling men hair is often the most challenging job to do. Obviously, there are some specific hairstyles available for men and you have to play around with them to keep it trendy, stylish and elegant all at the same time. The trends usually keep coming back and there are a few men hairstyles that never go out of fashion. You can always count on these hairstyle options to look your best and have a charming personality.

So, if you are looking for best hairstyles for men this year, here we have a few listed for you. Check out and pick one for yourself.

  1.       Classic Quiff

A traditional quiff hairstyle has been a source of adding volume to a man’s hair. It requires the sides to be cut short and the top hair to be forward combed with an exception for the frontal locks. The look is achieved by brushing up the frontal hair unevenly. Some styling product would be needed for this.

It really is a manly-stylish hairstyle when achieved properly. Many consider it the evolution of typical crew cut. Women love the hairstyle because you can’t keep it perfect and that rugged look is what they adore.

  1.       Crew Cut

This one really keeps things flexible when it comes to men’s hairstyles and you can have tapered, short medium length and everything in between. There’s upright hair on top and they can be given a spiky touch with the help of some gel or wax. In fact, that’s the only maintenance required for this particular hairstyle before you visit the barbershop next time.

Typically, crew cut offers you everything you find in both short and long hairstyles. The frontal hair is not dangling and you don’t have much to wash. It can be brushed forward as well as sideways for adding all the volume you need. It really is a smarter look given to men’s hairstyles. It’s a hot favorite among women and combining it with a cool looking suit will definitely give you a rocking look.

  1.       Buzz Cut

Known commonly as butch cut, the hairstyle requires the hair to be trimmed short all around the head. The sides and the back are tapered with clippers to achieve a slightly faded look. The hairstyle is easy maintenance and may need some wax to keep things well under control.

It’s probably a natural choice for black men and really makes them carry a gentleman look. It denotes manliness and discipline with most of the army men sporting the look. You can’t ask for anything better than this authoritative, tough look to get popular among women.

  1.       Tousled Hairstyle

It’s a wonderful just-out-of-the-bed look that is achieved with medium length hair with partly trimmed sides. Make sure that you use some pomade or gel to run the hair down and mess the look up to some extent. The best thing is that you can play around with the hairstyle and achieve different looks as you might like. Women always love such carefree styles and fall for the rebellious looks.

This really is a youthful and raw look and gives you a perfect bad boy image women love today. And, believe it or not, you’re going to love it for sure.

  1.       Side Parted Hairstyle

If you’re looking for something professional and more organized, you can’t find anything better than a side parted hairstyle. It’s sort of a comb over hairstyle that gets a split somewhere on the right or left of the scalp. If there are any bald spots on your head, you can use this hairstyle to hide them as well. It looks equally well on thick and straight hair, however. If you want to keep it slick and neat then you should better go with a pomade or gel.

It is quite a tidy and professional-looking hairstyle that never gives the impression that you’re trying hard to get something special. In fact, it is a mature hairstyle and most women love that. We have seen Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney wearing the same professional look. So, if you want to look like them, this is the hairstyle that you should go with.

All of these best hairstyles for men have some element of uniqueness and elegance in them. The looks are stylish enough to be adorned on any professional event. And if you want to catch women’s attention, you’ve got yourself covered here. So, make your pick and get in style!

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